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Hidration and Nutrition


The Kit Shampoo & Conditioner Hydra Coco cleans, untangles, moisturizes and deeply nourishes the hair, ensuring a healthy and shiny hair.


For wavy hair and curly hair.


What is the indication?

Dry and malnourished hair.


How old can you use it?

From 12 years old.


It contains:

Coconut milk: hydrates and deeply nourishes the hair.

Collagen: seals the hair cuticle and protects against external aggression


Kit Shampoo & Conditioner Hydra Coco are vegan. But they are not CG friendly. 


1 shampoo - 300 ml

1 conditioner - 300 ml

Kit Shampoo & Conditioner Hydra Coco - 300 ml (10 oz)

SKU: 0117
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    Hydra Coconut Shampoo: Apply Hydra Coco Shampoo to damp hair and massage. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the application.

    Hydra Coco Conditioner: apply Hydra Coco Conditioner to damp hair and spread it along the entire length of the strands. Let it act for 1 to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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