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  • How do I know if the product works?
    All products sold in curl2be are internationally recognized. That means that their effictiveness is proven. In addition to that, you can always get in contact with us before purchasing any product to ask about how it works, and if it is indeed adequate for your hair texture.
  • Are the brands autentic?
    Yes, they are all autentic. We buy our products from certified wholesale suppliers in Europe and make sure the products are all authentic and ready to be used.
  • How can I save when shopping at curl2be?
    You can subscribe to our webpage, follow us on instagram and on facebook. We will inform through these plataforms about sales, gifts and any discount on shippments. Moreover, if you buy over 499 dkk, you are entitled to a free shipping. In this way, you can also save when shopping at curl2be.
  • What makes the products in curl2be different?
    At curl2be we offer a wide variety of products internationally recognized and affordable for anybody who wants to take care of their hair. So products with high quality ingredients and good price are our rules.
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