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How my hair transition became the foundation of a dream

Updated: May 6

A mission

A mission is a work that someone believes it is their duty to do. And a mission can certainly be the result of a dream. And a dream can change its form, purpose, and goal - it adapts to the circunstances in life. And sometimes the dream we though to be the one, transforms itself, and changes the mission.

Curl2be was never a dream, but it became one. Its mission: to offer a variety of products made with natural ingredients so people like me feel encouraged to embrace their hair.

This article tells you a little bit about the journey that took me create my own online shop Curl2be.

Table of contents:

The beginning of this journey

The reason behind Curl2be

The begining of this journey

I am a Brazilian living in Denmark. When I moved here, more than 10 years ago, I was still straightening my curly hair. That was a practice very common in Brazil until very recently. I tried to continue this journey when I arrived to Denmark, believing that a straight hair was easier to take care of and would make me happier. I was just trying to fit in!

A woman smiling to the camera. Behind her, there is a channel and some boats (on the right side), and people walking in front of restaurants (on the left side).
When I arrived in Denmark, I continued straightening my hair

I soon realized that the reality I left behind. Unfortunatelly in Brazil, and in many other places in this workd, we are bombarded with the same discourse that straight hair is ideal and pretty, whereas any other type of textured hair is bad. And although Brazil is a country where