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This product is a super moisturizer for dry and  unhealthy hair. It contains cold pressed organic olive oil. It resets natural moisture, reduces frizz and fly away and provides intense mosturizing effects.


Nutrition + Reconstruction


SOS Capillary:

It has a restorative effect on hair submitted to aggressive treatments: it helps in the replacement of essential nutrients, in addition to combating dryness, frizz and roughness.


100% vegetable, with Ecocert certificate.


Olive Oil has antioxidants that are able to fight the free radicals responsible for cell aging.

Lola - Umectação Oliva - Olive Mosturizer - 200g (7 oz.)

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  • You can use this product in 5 different ways:

    1. Application method in washed hair: After washing and conditioning, rinse and comb the hair. Place a generous amount of this product on wet hair. Massage this product onto your hair to potentiate the results. Rinse it. Style as usual.

    2. Night application method: Apply a generous amount of this product to dry hair. Massage this product onto your hair to enhance the results. Sleep in a cap and rinse it in the next morning. After rinsing it, wash your hair as usual. 

    3. Method of application in dry hair: Before washing the strands, apply the treatment and massage it throughout the hair. Leave the product acting for as long as possible (minimum 15 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours) and rinse it out. The use of athermal cap potentiates the effects of the treatment. After rinsing, follow the washing and treatment schedule to which you are accustomed.

    4. Lola's application method: Wash your hair with your usual  shampoo. Don't condition it. Apply this product to wet hair and distribute evenly throughout it,  massaging the strands.  Leave it to act for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse well. If your hair is too dry, it is not necessary to remove the product with shampoo. Just rinse with running water. Then apply the leave-in of your choice.

    5. Bye bye tips detonated: For hangover and spiked tips: after washing hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply a small portion of this product in its length and tips. Don't rinse it out. Finish as usual. It is recommended to be used 2 times a week for very damaged hair or only when necessary.