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Kit shampoo and conditioner 


Ideal for fine and fragile hair, with slow growth and that break easily, the Ekos Patauá Shampoo contains pure Patauá oil, with creamy and abundant foam.


About this item: 

  • FOR FINE AND FRAGILE HAIR: Formulated with nourishing and strengthening patauà oil from the Amazon, this conditioner strengthens the hair fibre and repairs fine and fragile hair.
  • A STRENGTHENING TREATMENT: Anti-frizz and strengthening, this conditioner deeply repairs your hair. After rinsing, it leaves hair less brittle, shinier and easier to detangle.
  • NATURAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULA: Formulated with 94% natural ingredients, this vegan, cruelty free and nature-friendly skincare product is Leaping Bunny and UEBT certified, ensuring a "Sourcing with Respect" product.
  • ADVICE FOR USE: After washing your hair, gently squeeze out any excess water and then apply the conditioner along the length and tips, avoiding the roots. Leave for one minute and then rinse thoroughly.
  • COSMETICS PIONEER IN BRAZIL Natura has been developing natural and healthy beauty care products that respect Humans, Nature and Animals since 1969 and is committed to being bioethical and eco-responsible.


It contains:

1 shampoo 300 ml

1 conditioner 300 ml

EKOS Patauá shampoo & conditioner - 300 ml

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  • Shampoo:

    • Stronger, more resistant hair.
    • Makes hair easier to comb.
    • Reduces frizz.
    • More disciplined hair.


    • Prevents breakage of strands. Recreates structure at strand breakage points.
    • Prepares the scalp and hair for the strengthening treatment.
    • Gently removes impurities.
    •  Creamy and abundant foam.

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